Board of Councilors

The Board of Councilors (BOC) represents the grassroots of the orthopaedic profession. Its 90-plus members are elected by state and regional orthopaedic societies. They also represent Puerto Rico, the U.S. military, Canada, and four Regional Societies.

The BOC serves as an advisory body to the AAOS Board of Directors and a resource to AAOS committees. In addition, the BOC manages AAOS' relations with the state and regional orthopaedic societies. This includes conducting a wide range of programs to strengthen and support the state and regional societies organizationally. More Board of Councilors Information...

Chair Board of Councilors

    David J Mansfield, MD

Chair-Elect Board of Councilors

    Lawrence S Halperin, MD

Secretary Board of Councilors

    Daniel K. Guy, MD

Past Chair Board of Councilors

    John J McGraw, MD


    Kent R Adamson, MD

    Frank V Aluisio, MD

    Jeffery D Angel, MD

    Henry A Backe Jr, MD

    Hugh Bassewitz, MD

    Basil R Besh, MD

    Richard A Biama, MD

    Norman Douglas Boardman, MD

    Alex B Bodenstab, MD

    Paul J Braaton, MD

    Henry M Broekhuyse, MD

    Richard Franklin Bruch, MD

    David D Bullek, MD

    Dori N Cage, MD

    David L Cannon, MD

    Kenneth R Catallozzi, MD

    David Cheong, MD

    William Gerard Cimino, MD

    Wayne Anthony Colizza, MD

    Capt. Dana C Covey, MD, MSc, FACS

    Ian D Crabb, MD

    Charles C Craig, MD

    Marc M DeHart, MD

    Ronald Delanois, MD

    Douglas K Dew, MD, MBA

    Kyle F Dickson, MD

    Nick M DiGiovine, MD

    John Anthony DiPreta, MD

    Scott J Dunitz, MD

    John S Early, MD

    Stephen G J Eckrich, MD

    Rafael M Fernandez, MD

    Anthony Festa, MD

    Frederick C Flandry, MD

    W Stanley Foster, MD

    Christopher George Furey, MD

    Kimberly Lee Furry, MD

    Daniel J Gallagher, MD

    Gregory G Gallant, MD, MBA

    Samuel D Gerber, MD

    Robert Allen Green, MD

    Daniel K. Guy, MD

    Aaron John Guyer, MD

    Donald A Hackbarth Jr, MD

    Robert J Hagen, MD

    Gregory M Hrasky

    Cassim M Igram, MD

    Omer A Ilahi, MD

    Michael V Jablonski, MD

    Jeffrey D Jackson, MD

    COL Benjamin Chee Kam Jr, MD

    James A Keeney, MD

    Douglas W Kiburz, MD

    John Thomas Killian, MD, BOC

    Jason L Koh, MD

    Christopher Kontogianis, MD

    Gregory B Krivchenia II, MD

    Edward Guerrant Lilly, III MD

    Craig Robert Mahoney, MD

    Steven M Mardjetko, MD

    Brian Miller, MD

    Howard G Miller, MD

    Stephen F Mitros, MD

    Bryan Scott Moon, MD

    Samuel Edwin Murrell III, MD

    Thomas S Muzzonigro, MD

    Jeffrey M Nakano, MD

    Ronald Anthony Navarro, MD

    James Allen O'Leary, MD

    Robert M Orfaly, MD

    Andrew J Palafox, MD

    Mark P Pallis, DO

    Mark C Pinto, MD

    Kenneth D. Polivy, MD

    David W Polly Jr, MD

    Gary W Pushkin, MD

    Nicholas Rajacich, MD

    Michael A Rauh, MD

    John Patrick Reilly, MD

    William L Ritchie IV, MD

    Stephen W Rodrigue, MD

    David W Romness, MD

    Benjamin N Rosenberg, MD

    George V Russell Jr, MD

    Adrian B Ryan, MD

    Andrew Wilson Ryan, MD

    Harry Schmaltz, MD

    Todd A Schmidt, MD

    Dean R Schueller, MD

    Timothy J Shannon, MD

    Kevin B Shrock, MD

    James A Slough, MD

    Mark A Snyder, MD

    Gregory W Soghikian, MD

    John K Sontich, MD

    Scott P Steinmann, MD

    Joseph J Stuart, MD

    Pietro M Tonino, MD

    Jerry W Van Meter, MD

    Troy B Watkins Jr, MD

    Steven Bennett Weinfeld, MD

    David L Wiest, MD

    Susan Lai Williams, MD

    Roland H Winter, MD

    Andrew Barrett Wolff, MD

    Rory R Wright, MD

    Ronald W B Wyatt, MD

    Demian M Yakel, DO

Staff Liaison

    Elizabeth Fassbender

    Melissa Leeb

    Graham Newson

    Lauren Pearson Riley

    Amy Sherwood

    Erin Volland

    Melissa Young

Staff Liaison Assistant

    Erika Kalb

AAOS Headquarters

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Phone: 847.823.7186
Fax: 847.823.8125

Washington Office

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