Individuals with Full Access

The vast majority of individuals who disclose do not need to report more than the name of an entity with which a conflict may exist. However AAOS policy requires members of the AAOS Board of Directors, Council and Cabinet Chairs, Editors-in-Chief and Deputy Editors, applicants and members of CPG and AUC Workgroups and Technology Overview Development Workgroups and other specifically defined groups of members to disclose certain enhanced information related to each disclosure of a conflict of interest. The following lists of people have been specifically named by the Board of Directors as requiring full access to enhanced information submitted via the AAOS Orthopaedic Disclosure Program. The public, other Fellows or members and other AAOS staff are restricted to viewing an abstracted/summary level of information (i.e., whether a potential conflict exists and, if so, with what entity).

Access to Board of Directors, Guidelines Workgroups, Editors-in-Chief and Deputy Editors and other Enhanced Disclosures - Complete Disclosure Information

  • , Director, Governance

Access Only to Guideline Workgroup Applicant and Member - Complete Disclosure Information

  • Deborah Cummins, PhD, Director, Research, Quality and Scientfic Affairs
  • Kaitlyn Sevarino, MBA, Manager, Quality and Value Implementation